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Anil Paul

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I am a web developer based in Melbourne , Australia. I used to create stylish, dynamic and accessible websites for all kinds of clients, from individuals and small companies, to large high-profile and social networking websites.My interests are anything web/online related .. I enjoy web development and its a huge part of my life.


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Kubernetes Basics

k8s Basic Components pod which is our own app deployed docker container wrapped with k8s layer for instance there will be multiple application pods. Each pod gets its own private Internal IP Address. service which has got static IP Address attachable to each pod so that it can communicate to the service outside for instance […]

Manjaro i3 monitor set up

Manjaro i3 Monitor Set up manjaro i3 monitor set up script run to determine output type run xrandr write shell script and execute it sh

in this example the Laptop screen in eDP1 which set as primary display using –primary flag. inside i3 config we can set the workspace

Also in i3 […]

Deploy BitBucket Code to AWS EC2 Instances using AWS CodeDeploy

Deploy your code from bitbucket to EC2 instance(s) on the AWS using AWS CodeDeploy is easy to set up. Create IAM Role with the relevant policies create new EC2 Instance by selecting the newly created IAM Role create new s3 bucket to push revision history Create CodeDeploy Application Create CodeDeply Group Add Environment Variables on […]


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